Giving Tuesday for CFUCDF

Urea Cycle Disorders are a rare disease that can affect 1 in 30-35,000 people. Urea Cycle Disorders cause elevated ammonia levels in the blood which can result in brain damage, coma, and tragically, death often results. Hyperammonemia (high ammonia levels) in someone with a UCD is an affect of an inability of the liver to properly process nitrogen compounds via protein metabolism.

In 2018, CFUCDF was able to help even more suspected of having a UCD receive a diagnosis, treatment, education, travel to see experts who treat this rare disease, and qualify for valuable programs to enrich the lives of survivors and their families. With your generous giving we can continue bringing hope in the form of connections and smiles to the faces of affected children by hosting our annual UCD Kid’s Camps. Your support also makes events possible for parents and affected adults to meet face to face at our UCD Meetups which provide for experts in the UCD field to give presentations, education, and Q&A sessions about their disorder. There are more people with Urea Cycle Disorders being discovered each year and we have been networking survivors from all over the world for the past decade. Through various programs and your support, we can continue Connecting UCD Families to each other, face to face, and to experts in this field who bring improved quality of life to this rare community.

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