Hometown Visits

“What would you say if you saw a zebra in your backyard?

Pretty cool, huh?”

What if that zebra was someone with a UCD just like you and they came to your hometown, just to see you?

There are still so many affected with Urea Cycle Disorders who don’t get the opportunity to attend a UCD event and meet others like them face to face. There are many different reasons why traveling can be difficult so we at Connecting Families UCD Foundation want to come to you.

Connecting Families UCD Foundation is so excited to announce our upcoming “Hometown Visits” program which is set to launch October 2017.

Hometown Visits is a program that will allow the CFUCDF family to meet people with UCD’s in their hometown. We want to ensure that more families can have the opportuninty to connect with others like them, especially if getting out is a challenge. We understand the difficulties in dealing with diets, patient behaviors, medicines, doctors, transplants, and even the most tragic of all, the loss of loved ones from a UCD.

It is in those difficulties that we can help carry burdens for our friends, and it is in the triumphs we can help them shine so brightly to be encouragements for all to see that you are not alone.

We all desire to be connected to others like us. In getting the chance to meet you in your hometown it will allow those with UCD’s to become better connected to each other. Meeting you, hearing your story, and telling others about you will provide a way for us all to learn more and further help us become “one big family”.

Our first visit will be in the mid-west US and we’ll be heading there very soon. Stay tuned! We will be sharing experiences of visits so you can all be a part of the UCD journey.

A very special “thank you” to our wonderful sponsors and foundation supporters who are helping make this possible. We are so thankful for the opportunity to continue Connecting Families around the country and we look forward to the chance to see you in your hometown.

We love you all,

Connecting Families Urea Cycle Disorders Foundation