One Day, One Room . . .

Ever entered a room that changed your life for the better? Life can be a series of rooms filled with people we meet during our journey. What we learn from them and how they positively change us can become the reason for the good we spread to others along the way. CFUCDF wants to encourage you to come and be positively impacted for good in one room for one day

One Day, One Room is the page for reading about past events and those who presented. This is our way of giving those who could not attend previous events the opportunity to meet the speakers, see others with UCD’s, and encourage you to join us at our meetings for one day, in one room.




Thanks to Dr. Scott and his team” (posted may 2017)
Connecting Families wants to give a special thank you to Dr. C. Ronald Scott, MD. Dr. Scott was well received by our group in Seattle, WA. We are so grateful to him for taking the time for his presentation and to come and answer questions from our families. Dr. Scott was gracious enough to bring his Genetic Counselor, Jie Fang, and Registered Dietician, Beth Ogata, which was a real treat. We are so thankful to all three of them. Everyone thought they were terrific! A million thanks to team Scott for all your hard work and dedication to the UCD community. We at Connecting Families UCD Foundation cherish you for all you do for us!



Thanks to all the families (posted May 2017)
Thanks to all the families for your help in making our initial launch in Seattle, WA such a success! We are still receiving great feedback and we want everyone to know that we loved meeting and sharing this opportunity with you all. It was such an amazing group of friends in such a beautiful city, it just doesn’t get better than that.

Thanks again to all who attended,

Robin and Michael
Connecting Families UCD Foundation