“Sing Me A Story” Fundraiser

Have You Heard?

There has been an incredible response to Ariella’s story about how people don’t see her for who she really is because of her rare disease called a Urea Cycle Disorder. Her story called, “Not What I Seem” was taken from paper, to an actual song by the “Sing Me A Story Foundation.” This incredible foundation works with musical artists who take stories submitted by kids who have a rare illness and turns them into songs to help raise funds and awarenss to help affected children and families.

These songs are now available to own for a donation of any amount.

Several artists recently read Ariella’s story and each has created a song because they were so moved by her words describing what it’s like living with a Urea Cycle Disorder.

Please take a moment today and listen to the songs. Consider showing your support for Urea Cycle Disorders this season of Giving Tuesday with a gift of any amount. There are now 2 girls who have songs produced from their stories, Ariella and Lilly. Lilly’s story is also available for download below (and on the SMAS website). You can see all the videos and songs that have been produced about Urea Cycle Disorders by these amazing artists right here.

Take a look at all the videos by the artists and what they had to say about supporting Urea Cycle Disorders. Just click any one (or all) of the songs to listen and donate. Your donations will go directly to help UCD families and their children. Thank you so very much for your generosity.

Song #1 was performed by Abe Partridge called “Not What I Seem”

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Song #2 was performed by Craig Gerdes called “Not What I Seem”

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Song #3 was performed by The Towns called “You’re also You”

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Song #4 was performed by Amy Lowe called “My Music is Loud”

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Song #5 was performed by Jon Worthy called “Not What I Seem”

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And, here’s Lilly’s Story:
Song #6 was performed by Cris Jacobs called “Whatever She Believes, She Can Be”

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At the upcoming UCD Kids Camp- San Diego this Spring 2019, there will be another Sing Me A Story session hosted by CFUCDF just for our UCD kids who attend. This session will give any child who wishes a chance to write their own story, receive their very own song, and have their story heard to spread awareness of Urea Cycle Disorders around the world, just like Ariella and Lilly.

Does your child have a UCD? Would they like an opportunity to share their story? If you and your child are interested in helping spread awareness, supporting a good cause, AND receiving their very own song, please contact CFUCDF at

Thank you for your support and may God richly bless you this season.