Thank you for making the first ever UCD Kids Camp 2018 a success!

Video: “The Jellyfish Song”

We just hosted our first ever UCD Kids Camp 2018 in Longbranch, Washington. It was absolutely amazing to see so many families and their children come together for the first time as a UCD community for a camp in the beautiful forests outside of Seattle, Washington. There were approximately 44 in attendance over the April 27th-29th weekend and we are so thankful to all of you who helped make this happen.

For UCD families, having a UCD can be an adventure in “abnormal activities and regimens,” but there was something about this weekend that was so inspiring and encouraging to witness UCD families come together in a way that just felt so very normal. In seeing so many rare families have an opportunity to see their own children run and play with other kids who have a Urea Cycle Disorder, they gave us, the parents, so much hope for the future of our UCD community because most of us have never witnessed a gathering of others just like us before.

We can’t say thank you enough to all who gave and helped make this camp a reality. Words alone just can’t express how absolutely awesome it was to see hope on the faces of the children who got to hang-out and play with others just like them. It touched our hearts to see UCD kids get a chance to participate in activities like never before, and to be able to share this rare experience with other UCD kids was something we will never forget. CFUCDF is so honored and humbled to have been part of this and you have all inspired us to keep doing what we are doing. All the planning, fundraising, and work was such a small price to pay to have the chance to witness what was such a miraculous thing.

Question: “What happens when you give someone hope?”
Answer: “You get hope right back when you see how it lights up the face of a child!”

We at CFUCDF have truly received a new hope from seeing it on the faces of children and their parents over the weekend. We love our UCD community and we wish you all the very best in faith, hope, and love.

Robin and Michael Deleon

P.S. Check out the picture gallery . . . . A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!!!