CFUCDF Life Enrichment Program


Connecting Families Urea Cycle Disorders Foundation (CFUCDF)is excited to offer a rare opportunity for those affected by a UCD. CFUCDF is offering financial awards of up to $2,500 per year for patients (and some family members, determined on a case by case basis) who qualify under The Life Enrichment Program to receive funds for opportunities to go to college, take a class, learn something new, receive some personal counseling, etc. We encourage anyone with a UCD looking to enrich their lives with a learning opportunity to apply.

What exactly is the CFUCDF Life ENrichment Program and what can I use it for?

Is there anything you would like to know about and learn? How about a cooking class to learn how to prepare low protein meals? How about becoming a Certified Phlebotomy Tech to learn how to draw a proper ammonia sample? Have you considered any training for either a first time or better job? Maybe you prefer to speak with a Professional Counselor about learning psychological or social coping skills to help understand the impacts Urea Cycle Disorders have on emotional and mental health?

“What can you or your loved one learn that would enrich your lives”?

“Would you or your loved one like to talk with a counselor to better understand the daily emotional and mental challenges of living with a UCD?

“Would you like to receive some more training to receive better opportunities at work by learning new


“What drives you”?

“What are you passionate about”?


<Here are the rules:
1. These scholarships are first and foremost for those patients directly affected by a urea
cycle disorder. In certain instances where some families have an affected family member who may not
be able to benefit directly from this themselves (due to physical or medical limitations) there
will be an allowance for parents of those loved ones to receive the award providing it directly
benefits the life enrichment of the loved one with the UCD. All applications are reviewed by a
select committee and determinations are made on a case by case basis.

2. Submit an application along with required forms for consideration at
HUCDLEP. Or visit the website and click the HUCD Life Enrichment tab on the menu.

3. Maximum scholarship amount is $2,500.00USD per applicant, with a maximum of
$50,000.00USD to be distributed. Minimum of 20 people will receive scholarships.

4. Opportunities are open to patients for college, trade school, vocational school, or other
courses such as culinary arts, phlebotomy, painting, computer skills, karate, etc., OR for the use
of counseling sessions to learn skills in becoming better personally equipped in
understanding the psychological/social challenges from having a Urea Cycle Disorder.

5. Need to be 18 years old (or must have parent/guardian signature for classes you wish to
participate in if underage). Must submit an application (located on website) to CFUCDF along with
required Physician Diagnosis Verification Form (downloadable on website). Application and Physician
form will be accessible January 1, 2018).

6. Must have your physician (or any  member of your metabolic team) sign Urea Cycle Disorder
Diagnosis/Verification Form. It is downloadable as a PDF on the Life Enrichment web page.

UCD’s affect those around the world and Connecting Families UCD Foundation strives to bring help to
those in other countries as well. The CFUCDF Life Enrichment Program will also be available to those who have a Urea Cycle Disorder who live OUTSIDE THE US!

It’s easy to get started . . .

The entire application process along with required forms are available by clicking the blue link below