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UCD Kids Camp 2018 Registration

UCD Kids Camp 2018 will be at Camp Colman in Longbranch, WA.  This is a YMCA hosted camp and it will contain our own UCD schedule in a partnership between CFUCDF and Camp Colman.

Registration is now open for campers. Once registered, we will send out an information packet and it will contain more details about the CFUCDF/Camp Colman curriculum.

Arrival Day:
There will be a shuttle provided free of charge for families to get them to and from camp from Sea-Tac Airport but you must arrive at Sea-Tac and be ready to board the shuttle at the designated area no later than 2:00 PM Friday, April 27th, 2018. This is because we are all riding together in one bus.

Departure Day:
We will also be riding together from Camp Colman to Sea-Tac and leaving camp by 12:00 PM so we suggest booking your returning flights home after 3:00 PM that Sunday, as the shuttle will arrive back at the airport from camp by approximately 1:00 PM. This should give you the needed time to get checked in and through security and be on time for your departing flight. All of the details needed for meetup at Sea-Tac and shuttle info will be on your curriculum emailed to you after you submit your registration form.

Please note 2 things:
1. We are currently finalizing the curriculum packets and will have them out by Friday, March 9, 2018, and
2. Travel Stipends will be available and the instructions are on the registration form to apply.

UCD Kids Camp 2018 at Camp Colman is scheduled to begin Friday the 27th at approximately 3: PM and departure of UCD Kids Camp 2018 will begin Sunday the 29th, mid-morning, with families boarding the shuttle and on the road by 12:00 PM with an approximate arrival at Sea-Tac by 1:00 PM. A camp curriculum will be emailed to each registrant upon completing the registration form which will highlight the tentative schedule/activities for the weekend.  

Registration: Important Note

Should you and your family have additional information we should be aware of, please enter it using the comment box below . Or, you can call us directly at 918-490-3055 and we will add your information to your registration directly.

Our aim is to assure that everyone has the best possible experience at camp.

Thank you for being so understanding and we are so excited about seeing the new faces at UCD Kids Camp 2018 this year.

Let's Get Registered!

Travel Stipends

Travel stipends are limited and will be awarded on a case by case basis. To apply for a travel stipend please call CFUCDF directly at 918-490-3055. If you call and we are unavailable, please leave us a message and we will get back to you right away.

Any other information you would like to add?

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