UCD Kids Camp-Camp Marsten

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We are hosting another “UCD Kids Camp” this year just outside San Diego, California

The official dates for camp this year are April 12-14, 2019 (Fri-Sun)


Check out this video where UCD Kids Camp will be held this year.



Connecting Families was so amazed to see the wonderful turnout for last year’s camp just outside of Seattle, WA. We had sooo much fun and it was such a privilege to meet so many UCD families. It was an even greater thing to see so many UCD kids getting the chance to meet someone just like them for the first time. It was such a heart warming experience for us to watch them spend this rare weekend together.

At camp, it was such a familiar feeling to see so many parents up first thing in the morning, making formula and preparing their daily meds together in the cafeteria, just like we do at home. It was awesome to get the opportunity to see parents doing the same things we all do in our UCD routines. We were all able to take advantage of that time to talk and share tips. As we watched other families go through their routines and just spend time together for a weekend, we knew we were going to have to do this again.

If you didn’t get the chance to go last year, you don’t want to miss this opportunity. Some of the kids (and even some parents-including myself) are still talking about last year’s camp. If you’ve never met another UCD family and would like an opportunity to be a part of Connecting Kids and Connecting Families, we’d love to see you at Camp Marsten!

This section contains a list of FAQ’s. Please read them beore you register.


Q: How much does camp cost?
A: UCD Kids Camp-Camp Marsten is completely free of charge to UCD families. This includes all meals, lodging, and activities for the entire weekend.
Q: How can I apply for a travel stipend?
A: Travel stipends are granted on a case by case basis so you will need to specify this on the application, and then call Robin Deleon at CFUCDF to discuss the details.
Q: What does the travel stipend cover?
A: Approved travel stipends are applied directly to cost of round-trip airfare to and from San Diego, California airport.
Q: How do I get to Camp Marsten from San Diego airport?
A: Connecting Families UCD Foundation will make arrangements for shuttle service to get all families to camp, and then back to the airport after camp. If you should choose to transport yourself, it will be an out of pocket expense for you.
Q: Will meals be UCD friendly?
A: Yes. CFUCDF is working with staff at Camp Marsten to customize the menu for our weekend. We will have low-pro choices which include potatoes, salads, fruits, etc., so if you need something outside of traditional low-pro UCD diets, please indicate this on the registration form.
Q: What activities are there for our UCD kids?
A: There will be rock wall climbing, archery, hiking, campfire smores, singing, plays on a special outdoor stage, deer watching, Human Foosball, Ga-Ga ball, group activities, tag, and many more to keep our kiddo’s going all weekend.
Q: Is there anything special for the adults?
A: Yes. We will have at least 2 guest presenters to speak to parents about UCD’s. Dr. J. Camacho has already agreed to be available as our first presenter. These presentations generally last an hour and are followed by a Q and A session for parents.
Q: Should my child show signs of a possible high ammonia episode, what’s the plan?
A: Dr. J. Camacho has agreed to be the on-call UCD geneticist for our weekend camp. He will be with us the full weekend. He will also be interacting with families throughout each day to answer any general questions you may have about UCD’s. Southern California has some of the best UCD facilities in the country, i.e., San Diego Children’s, UCLA, and many more. San Diego Children’s is the closest to camp and would be a good option as Dr. Camacho maintains privileges there.
Q: Do I have to be a kid with a UCD to attend camp?
A: You only have to be a kid at heart. Anyone with a UCD of any age can attend. This is an environment for both kids and adults to interact and meet new families.
Q: Is there a way to keep our meds/formula refridgerated?
A: Yes. Camp Marsten has agreed to allow families to use a designated refridgerator for our weekend.
If there are any questions that are not addressed in the FAQ’s, please contact us at the phone number listed just below or use the comments box on the registration form.


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Registration: Important Note

Should you and your family have additional information we should be aware of, please enter it using the comment box at the end of this registration form. Or, you can call us directly at 918-490-3055 and we will add your information to your registration directly.

Our aim is to assure that everyone has the best possible experience at camp.

We are so excited about seeing the new faces at UCD Kids Camp 2019-Camp Marsten this year.

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Travel Stipends

Travel stipends are available but limited and will be awarded on a case by case basis. If you need some travel assistance, please contact us sooner rather than later. Once they are gone, they won't be available again until next year. To apply for a travel stipend please call CFUCDF directly at 918-490-3055. If you call and we are unavailable, please leave us a message and we will get back to you right away.

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