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Connecting Families UCD Foundation is so excited to bring you our new podcast filled with new information and tips about diet and nutrition with a UCD. Our podcasts are a question and answer form with a guest speaker on a range of topics.


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For Diet and Nutrition/Low Protein Restrictions with Beth Ogata:

  Diet and Nutrition with RD Beth Ogata

For Understanding IEP’s and 504’s with Piper Paul and Tisha:

Understanding IEP’s and 504’s #1

Understanding IEP’s and 504’s #2



  • You can go to the website and type “Urea Cycle Disorder” or “CFUCDF” in the search bar. Then scroll down to the CFUCDF podcast’s.
  • OR, you can send us your email on the contact us page and we will send you a direct invitation to listen on Google Drive.
  • You can play the podcasts with any device/player that uses MP3, WAV format (which is most devices and computers). You can also use the Windows Media Player, iTunes Player.



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