UCD Meetup coming to Houston, Texas in November 2017

Connecting Families UCD Foundation is proud to be working once again with Global Genes to bring you another UCD Meetup in Texas this November 3rd and 4th, 2017. We have secured the Hotel Derek in downtown Houston, the Metabolic Geneticist, the Attorney who specializes with students with disabilities (K-12 and college), and a Metabolic Dietician (see flyer link below). If you plan on attending, we strongly encourage asking lots of questions. Try thinking of questions in advance and write them down to bring with you!

We will be hosting a Friday night welcome dinner and hotel night stay for Friday the 3rd. The event will be the morning of Saturday the 4th (with breakfast, lunch, and snacks provided) and will end Saturday afternoon. Everything mentioned is free of charge to registered families (max of four per family please).

Our registration is currently closed due to being at full capacity. We apologize for those who wish to attend, but we are still taking names for a waitlist. Please use the “contact us” tab on the menu to send us your name and email. You will be placed on the waitlist and contacted via email if there is a cancellation.

Please forgive us for being unable to take more at this time, you are all so important to us. We will be hosting more very soon and there will be more opportunities to attend in the near future. Thank you for your understanding.

For those who are interested:

Please note that Horizon Pharma will be hosting a low-protein cooking class on Saturday the 4th (very close to Hotel Derek) and has extended a special invitation to our UCD Meetup attendees. Horizon Pharma hosts low-protein cooking events all over the country and they happen to be hosting one in Houston right after our UCD Meetup. If you’ve never attended one of their classes, they offer some fantastic ideas and tips for easy to prepare, low-protein meals you can make at home. You get to help cook the food, and get to keep the recipes afterwards. . . it’s really fun too!

Shuttle service will be provided to and from our event. The cooking event will be held from 6-9pm (tentatively) and this event is absolutely free.

Looking forward to seeing you there,

Robin Deleon
Executive Director
Connecting Families UCD Foundation
(918) 490-3055,

Click the invitation link below to get the information.

UCD Meetup Invitation and Registration Page